WhatsApp making it easier for users to make calls, here’s the new change

WhatsApp allows users to dial calls to any contact using the internet. However, dialling a call on WhatsApp takes a bit of time and the meta-owned app wants to reduce those extra seconds by adding a new shortcut.

In Short

  • WhatsApp is working on a new calling feature.
  • The feature will make the process of dialing WhatsApp calls faster.
  • WhatsApp already allows Android users to add contact shortcuts to home screen.

Whatsapp is currently working on a bundle of new features to improve users’ experience and add more privacy and safety to the platform. From new editing features to longer group names in iOS the Meta-owned app is already reported to be working on new features which will be released in the future. Adding more to the list of upcoming features, WhatsApp is said to be developing a new feature which will allow users to create calling shortcuts.A report by WAbetainfo suggests that WhatsApp is planning to add a calling shortcut feature which will allow users to quickly create calling shortcuts to dial calls faster. The platform currently offers messaging, calling and video calling features to help people connect with friends and family and even establish business conversations. However, other than messaging, the process for dialling a WhatsApp call is still a bit long or, we say, takes a few seconds. So, according to reports, WhatsApp is planning to give a quick option for calls to its users by giving them the ability to create calling shortcuts.

How to create Whatsapp calling shortcuts

As per the report, the calling shortcut feature is currently under development and is expected to be released in future updates of the apps. Once the feature is out, users will be able to create a WhatsApp calling shortcut by tapping the contact cell within the list of contacts.

WhatsApp will create the shortcut and will automatically add that to the home screen of your device. This feature will help users save some time in opening the app and searching for a contact to call and will allow them to dial call father. Especially to contact whom they frequently connect on call.

Notably, WhatsApp already allows Android users to create contact shortcuts which allow them quick access to that particular chat window. Now the calling shortcut will do the same thing, but this time help users connect over a call.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also reportedly working on a new feature which will allow users to send photos in their original quality. Currently, the platform compresses the quality of images, which makes it difficult to send images through the app. But soon the platform is expected to add a new icon through which users will be able to choose the quality of the image before sending it.The platform is also planning to add a new text editor to its drawing tool which will allow users to customise their text before sending it. WhatsApp is said to be working on three new features in its drawing tool, including the ability to quickly switch between different fonts, the ability to change the text alignment (left, center, right) and an option to change the text background colour for differentiation. In addition, WhatsApp might also add new fonts to amp up the messaging experience.

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