“US Couple Charged ₹24 Lakh for Uber Ride in Costa Rica: Currency Conversion Mishap, Resolution Ensues”

During their dream vacation in Costa Rica, a US couple, Douglas Ordonez and Dominique Adams, experienced an astonishing turn of events when their Uber ride resulted in an unexpectedly hefty fare. Due to a currency conversion error, the couple was charged approximately ₹24 lakh ($29,994) instead of the anticipated ₹4,500 ($55). After four days of confusion and frustration, the issue was ultimately resolved.

The couple had embarked on their vacation to celebrate their fifth anniversary when they encountered the shocking Uber fare discrepancy. Although the Uber app displayed the fare as 29,994.33 Costa Rican colón (equivalent to approximately $55), they were astounded to find a charge of $29,994 USD in their bank account.

Douglas Ordonez took to social media to express his dismay, explaining the situation and how the erroneous charge left them with a negative bank balance. Ordonez’s tweet caught attention, bringing the incident into the spotlight.

Altura Credit Union, the couple’s bank, revealed that the charge had been processed despite Adams’ lower daily spending limit on her debit card. The charge had gone through because they had placed a travel notice on their account for the trip.

In response to the incident, Uber acknowledged the mistake and attributed it to a bank error in currency conversion. They promptly addressed the issue and released the mistakenly applied authorization hold.

“At Uber, we take every report seriously. As soon as we received the user’s report, our support team promptly addressed the issue and released the authorization hold mistakenly applied due to a bank error in Dollars and not in Colones,” stated a report by Business Insider.

After four days of back-and-forth discussions between Altura Credit Union and Uber Support, the couple finally witnessed an adjustment to the $29,000 charge, successfully resolving the matter.

Ordonez updated the situation on social media, highlighting the blame game between Altura Credit Union and Uber Support. He mentioned that Altura Credit Union claimed the unusually large amount had bypassed security measures and daily charge limits due to the travel notice. However, he stressed that there was no valid reason for such an amount to have cleared. Finally, after the four-day ordeal, the $29,000 charge was adjusted.

The incident serves as a reminder of the potential pitfalls of currency conversion and highlights the importance of vigilance when dealing with international transactions. It also emphasizes the significance of prompt and efficient customer support in rectifying errors and ensuring customer satisfaction.

As the couple resumes their vacation, they can now breathe a sigh of relief, having resolved the unexpected financial setback and continuing their anniversary celebration with peace of mind.

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