“Toyota Set to Launch Flex-Fuel Toyota Camry with 100% Ethanol-Powered Engine in August”

Toyota is set to introduce flex-fuel vehicles in the Indian market, with the upcoming launch of the Toyota Camry equipped with a 100% ethanol-powered engine. The announcement was made by Nitin Gadkari, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways, during a recent event held in Nagpur, highlighting the country’s shift towards vehicles running on 100% ethanol.

Flex-fuel engines are designed to operate on a variety of fuel mixtures, including petrol blended with ethanol or methanol, as well as pure ethanol. This technology offers increased fuel versatility and has the potential to reduce emissions. While flex-fuel vehicles are already available in select international markets such as Brazil, the United States, and Canada, their introduction in India marks an important step towards sustainable transportation.

Toyota had previously given a glimpse of its flex-fuel technology with the showcase of the flex-fuel Corolla Altis Hybrid in India in October 2022. This innovative car combines a 1.8-litre engine generating 101 BHP and 142.2 Nm of torque with a 72 BHP electric motor and a 1.3 kWh battery pack, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

The introduction of flex-fuel vehicles offers several advantages to Indian consumers. Firstly, it provides greater fuel options, allowing drivers to choose between petrol, ethanol blends, or pure ethanol depending on availability and cost. This flexibility can contribute to reducing the country’s reliance on fossil fuels and promote a more sustainable transportation sector.

Furthermore, the adoption of flex-fuel technology aligns with the Indian government’s efforts to promote alternative fuels and reduce carbon emissions. Ethanol, derived from renewable sources such as sugarcane or corn, is considered a more environmentally friendly biofuel compared to traditional fossil fuels.

With the launch of the flex-fuel Toyota Camry scheduled for August, Indian consumers can look forward to a wider range of eco-friendly vehicle options in the market. Toyota’s initiative in introducing flex-fuel technology sets the stage for other automakers to follow suit, expanding the choices available to environmentally conscious consumers.

As India continues to prioritize sustainable transportation and reduce its carbon footprint, the introduction of flex-fuel vehicles represents a significant step towards a greener future. The utilization of 100% ethanol-powered engines offers not only environmental benefits but also contributes to the country’s energy security and economic growth.

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