The King of Entertainment and Huge Anchor RJ Rizvi launches his own DJ band—WE DESI 

 RJ Rizvi

Having fun is often seen as the best way to deal with the stress of life. Artists with adaptable skills enrich people’s lives with nostalgic memories of themselves and their families. Similarly, music can help people feel love and heal their emotions through its magic or words. What if you listened to your favorite song after having a challenging day? Isn’t that a positive feeling? Yes. Entertainment, performing, and a creative storyteller or songwriter are additional diverse ways to add fun, happiness, and humor in people’s everyday lives (with 9-to-5 jobs). The importance of these wonderful professions and the talented artists who work tirelessly to enhance and improve your personal lives is not widely recognized.

RJ Rizvi is one such amazing artist. RJ Rizvi has 10 years of experience and an energizing performance on stage 3000+ times in a variety of award shows and events, lighting up other amazing personalities. He also has the intelligence to play with words and the presence of mind to win over everyone. He energizes not only the audience but also the stage with his never-ending entertainment, interpersonal abilities, and command of both the front and backstage, all the while setting a sure fire in the audience.

RJ Rizvi is an artist who was born and raised in Delhi and has a wide range of abilities in his area of expertise. His broad range of skills and personality as a rapper, anchor, performer, and renowned comedian with impeccable timing and delivery. Every award ceremony he hosts and attends is a happy occasion thanks to his voice performance and anchoring abilities. His sense of humor is evident in his tricky conversations, play of words, and mesmerizing personality.

After having achieved such remarkable success as a rapper, songwriter, and anchor, he now chose to take the reins and develop his own journey. He started his own band named “WE DESI.” They’re a DJ group with a fresh take on the wedding music genre, and they’re currently among the top 10 in the industry. 

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