Telangana signs pact with Coinbase to promote Web 3.0 community

The Telangana Government has signed an agreement with Coinbase Inc. to jointly build a strong Web 3.0 community in the State.

Coinbase will be supporting Web 3.0 entrepreneurs of Telangana through capacity-building sessions, mentorship programs, and promoting initiatives conducted with the help of Telangana’s innovation ecosystem partners. It will also provide knowledge support and act as a technical advisor for Web 3.0 related initiatives implemented by the government. Coinbase Inc. will also work with the State Government to help it develop the Web 3.0 Regulatory Sandbox, which will help organisations working in various Web 3.0 technologies to address issues to regulation.

“The State Government is following the Triple Helix Model for innovation, based on collaboration between industry, academia, and the government,” Katie Mitchell, Director of (Asia Pacific) at Coinbase, said.

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