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The Promise and Challenges of India’s Booming Plastic Pipe Market”- by Ajay Pipes.

The future of the plastic pipe industry in India looks promising. The demand for cost-effective and efficient water infrastructure is expected to drive the growth of the industry in the coming years. With increasing investments in infrastructure development, industrialization, and water conservation efforts, the demand for plastic pipes is expected to increase significantly. This is expected to lead to further advancements in the technology and manufacturing processes used in the production of plastic pipes, resulting in higher quality products and lower prices.

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59 pc of India’s land mass prone to earthquakes

Kolkata: After massive earthquakes battered parts of Turkey and Syria, almost all seismic zones are in alert mode, including in India, with a report warning that as much as 59% of the country’s land mass is prone to earthquakes of different intensities. According to experts, Kolkata which is in Seismic Zone …

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