How Swati tiwari (fairytale_swati) started her career on social media

Swati tiwari

Name – Swati Tiwari

Aka – fairytale_swati

Education – Masters in Sanskrit from Korba Chhattisgarh

Actor / Model / Influencer

Job – Government Teacher

Birthday – November 6

Place of Birth – Korba Chhattisgarh

Swati was young since then she was very quick in learning.

She wanted to become an air hostess, but due to being from a small world, she did not get a chance, which she could go out and join the government job on the wish of her family.

Related to fashion and art

He was very fond of work but he did not get that support because the family palace was focused only on studies.

The quality of teaching or leading people was there since childhood, so leadership quality changed into influencers.

Being kind since childhood, she wants to open old age home from childhood itself.

First of all, when the video of the reels was put by Badshah on his story this was the life changing moment of her life, then Swati felt that there is something even in the anime, she can do it.




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