“Spirituality is a meaningful aspect of teaching”, says S.S. Gill of the team Gill Sir.

Being a skillful teacher is important and fiscal growth is also one of the essentials of the education system; you may support the economy and it may grow, but nothing will change unless you are spiritually inclined, according to Gill Sir. 

There is necessarily a great difference between a teacher who has a spiritual mindset and an average teacher who dedicates his time to instruction does school-level teaching in a classroom or is a mentor. 

“A teacher must be a perfect yogi”, said The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and that is not a commonplace parable. This calls for dedication. The more you get involved and plunge in, the better. 

Gill Sir team is right in thinking that everyone is talking these days about how education has become a business, but are they bothered to change anything? We criticize the education system a great deal, but there are very few people who want to take the right action and change something. 

To put it more precisely, there have been great solutions suggested by leading educators in our time. You may not look back into the times and world of Rishis. The teachings of Sri Aurobindo, Dr. Radha Krishnan, and Swami Vivekanand, whom Narendra Modi regards as his Guru, are sufficient to change the entire educational system. And there is certainly a scientific approach to Sri Aurobindo’s suggestions on the pedagogy of integral education. S.S. Gill Sir says “I heard about the approach that Pramukh Swami Maharaj (A.P.J Kalam’s Guru) took and his instructions to humans at a spiritual and practical level. It was just brilliant.” 

Mr. S.S.Gill further explains, “I think that only mere interaction in your surroundings can lead you to basic knowledge and its natural acquisition, which is, after all, a major goal of education. Understanding life on a science-based approach is the reason why we study.

Also, we often see spiritually inclined teaching and education fail in their outcomes, and in such cases, the problem is much more profound and different. On a practical level; I have known all types of people, from PhDs to small home tutors. You always get surprised.” 

As per Gill, some segment of the system has changed. For instance, the Maharishi school in England (and the USA) and the Gurukuls of India seem to do well, but does this ensure a drastic change in the system?  He says “I believe we can call them the first steps towards major changes in the future.” 

To put it specifically, a teacher should have some spiritual approach to be useful and effective and the same is required of the Indian leadership today. Much of our system imposes many unnecessary demands on teachers but forgets which area matters the most. 

And he adds “to understand the truth, as M. P. Pandit, one of my favorite essayists says, ‘Education is not a profession but a holy mission’. I have always heard this from my friend and mentor Sanjay Mohapatra, who is an enthusiastic teacher in an Orrisa Integral School.

I think, all our big infrastructures and special qualifications will lead to nothing if we are not pure in our minds when we touch this pious work. 

I remember learning at home from my music teacher; his small room was a sanctimonious center of energetic radiation. Nobody has heard of Krishna Rao Masavkar but he remains enshrined in the hearts of his students. Sometimes I want to say all that in detail.

 I can also give you the example of some teachers I have visited in the ashram of Sri Aurobindo. Their dedication to education and life is unshakeable. I learned from them that example setting was so important.” 

To close the discussion, on one side some so-called teachers pose to be ideal Gurus in society today and such imposters constantly fail, there are also the unsung great souls whom very few know and who have larger contributions, like Gill’s teacher Masavkar ji, who had uncalculated devotion to Vedic methods of teaching. He believes all who knew him realized his spiritual capacity and his capacity to instruct and educate humans. The message is to bring some spirituality into our classes like Gill’s teachers have.

Learn more about Gill Sir here; www.gillsir.com

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