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If you want to read about travel, fashion,influence or just read a few blogs, you can always read Amisha Garg’s blogs . Read on to learn more about here journey and how she got to where she is now
Just to start something about her. Amisha Garg is a blogger who aims to be as innovative and creative she can be. She graduated from SP Jain school of global Management, specialisation in marketing From Singapore, Dubai and Sydney .

What do you usually writes in your blogs?
I write about various brands, my personal experiences with brand/ products about my travel journal Etc. Also now I am coming up with podcasts which will be available on spotify, google podcast and apple podcast. Podcast name “Mindful Amisha”. It will be about self-love, career etc.

How did you begin your influencer journey?

What made you think you want to follow the path of blogger and you starting your podcast too?
Few months back, I interacted with different business tycoons in a business meet in UAE. There, I learned a few concepts in business and blogging field that changed my life. Also I like writing, I like sharing my thoughts I want that if I share my experiences that may change someone’s life and that’s what I want . I never want to win I always to learn something new be it in any field. Blogging is one of the best ways to pen down my thoughts and now podcast will also be a part it .

How did you overcome the challenges along the way?
For me, it was not easy to start my own brand or to start blogging. I also faced many drawbacks .However I went with the flow and had faith in myself to do good and all well as result. Now also I just believe as I said in my blogs we should act rather than thinking much for it.

What is some advice you would give someone who wants to get into a similar field?
I would like to say that each profession is equal. It all depends on us, whether we use our talents in a way that is right for us. So start searching for things that excite you and which makes you the real you.

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