‘Shark Tank India 2’ Judges Are Stumped As A Pitcher Doesn’t Want Money, Says ‘I Want Your 100 Hours…’

The newest episode of Shark Tank India 2 got an unusual request from a pitcher which left the judges Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, and Namita Thapar stumped. The promo showed the founder of Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit asking the judges not for money but for “100 hours for 0.5% equity”.The judges had tried to invest in Dhruv Vidyut’s project previously however, things had not worked out. The promo showed Peyush recognising the founder and asking him, “I had messaged you on LinkedIn, do you remember?” To which Dhruv said, “That is one of the reasons why I am here. I am sorry to you, Anupam ji and Aman bhai that I could not get back.”The founder also showed a screenshot of Aman’s comment on his LinkedIn post. The company’s product is a device that turns a normal bicycle into an electric bike. At the end of the clip, the founder asks the judges for 100 hours of their for 0.5% equity. Vineeta then asked him, “And..?” to which Aman added, “No money.” and it left everyone surprised.Shark Tank India season 2 has left many impressed with the kind of products that the judges have been investing in. The pitches have been ranging from restaurants, hair care products to even wheelchairs. The show airs on Sony on a weekly bases.

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