Instagram sensation and power queen Pravina Rathod creates a benchmark with her trending reels

Instagram sensation and power queen Pravina Rathod creates a benchmark with her trending reels

Pravina Rathod a small town girl having big dreams was born in Savrashtra Gujarat.

She dreamt of creating her mark on the world and making a difference. Since childhood she wouldn’t see any injustice taking place in front of her and always wanted to take a stand and fight for people’s rights and help people who can’t fight for themselves.

Social media activism is a form of protest or advocacy for a cause that uses social media channels. Because hashtags play a central role in mobilizing movements, the term is often used interchangeably with hashtag activism.

Considering her knowledge and wanting to make the most from it to help people she indulged in promoting awareness and showing solidarity through the use of hashtags, posts, and campaigns.

She conducts her activism by concrete actions, donations, and measurable commitments to change.

She reviews her social calendar. Using a social media scheduler, she updates her upcoming posts which are usually based on social welfare and helping the ones in need.

She has faith that all the hard work that went into her perfect profile will have an outcome and thus get the people to benefit from her acts.

Rathod is surely considered to be a knight in shining armour for millions who would need her help in providing genuine legal advice and being a social activist.

She not only performs these acts be herself but also encourages everyone around who would like to persuade their career in this field and would like to contribute for the welfare of the society and wanting to make a change and support the ones in need.

She had touched 1 million followers on Instagram and through her social media she make her followers happy and keep helping her followers her reels touch 1 million followers and people shower her love through Instagram

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