“Infosys Implements New Work-from-Office Policy, Disciplinary Action Possible for Non-compliance”

After TCS, Infosys warns some employees of disciplinary action for not  coming to office - BusinessToday

Infosys, the Bengaluru-based IT services company, has recently announced changes to its work-from-home policy, informing employees in the United States and Canada that the option to work remotely will no longer be available. This decision, affecting over 30,000 employees, comes with a warning of possible disciplinary action for non-compliance.

According to reports, Infosys has communicated to its workforce that employees desiring to work from home will now need to seek special permission. The revised rules apply specifically to employees based in the United States and Canada, while those in India are currently exempt from this requirement.

The new policy aligns with the sentiments expressed by Infosys co-founder, Narayana Murthy, earlier this year. In February, Murthy emphasized the importance of ethics and discouraged young employees from insisting on working from home. He cautioned against falling into the trap of moonlighting and advocated for a blend of project and business imperatives alongside collective working convenience.

Following the announcement of Infosys’ financial results for the fiscal year 2022-23, Krishnamurthy Shankar, the Executive Vice President and Group Head of HR Development, expressed enthusiasm for employees returning to the office. Shankar highlighted the opportunity for teams to creatively and pragmatically plan their return, considering project requirements and collaborative work dynamics.

The decision to revise the work-from-home policy comes shortly after IT services giant TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) made similar announcements. TCS warned its employees against deviating from the prescribed daily rota for in-office work, cautioning that non-compliance could result in disciplinary action.

The shift towards encouraging employees to return to the office reflects the evolving dynamics of the post-pandemic work environment. As companies seek to strike a balance between remote work and in-person collaboration, the emphasis on physical presence in the office demonstrates a desire to foster collaboration, innovation, and organizational cohesion.

While the decision may pose challenges for employees who have grown accustomed to the flexibility of remote work, it is essential to note that the new policy is specific to employees in the United States and Canada. Infosys had previously introduced a phased plan in November for Indian employees to gradually return to the office.

As organizations navigate the complexities of the hybrid work model, balancing employee preferences with business needs remains a priority. Companies like Infosys are evaluating various approaches to find the optimal work environment that encourages productivity, collaboration, and overall employee well-being.

As the implementation of the revised work-from-office policy unfolds, employees will need to adapt to the changing landscape, explore new ways of working, and adhere to the updated guidelines to avoid potential disciplinary consequences.

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