Honourable Shailesh Rajguru Ji Invites Shriguru Majid Paithankar to Lead Celebrations at Tarkeshwar Mahamandir in Yerwada Pune.

On the festival of Mahashivratri 2023, Shriguru Majid Paithankar, a renowned Siddha
Yogi of India and the World’s contemporary Spiritual Leader, led the Maha Aarti at the
Tarkeshwar Mahamandir. Thousands of worshippers of various religions congregated at
the holy spot to offer prayers to Lord Shiva. The celebration was organised and made a
huge success with the dedication part to Honourable Shailesh Rajguru Ji and Shri
Subhash Rajguru Ji, President of Gavkari Mandali.
The Tarkeshwar Mahamandir has long been a hub of interfaith tolerance, welcoming
followers of the Sikh, Jain, Muslim, and other faiths. The people’s adoration and respect for
Lord Shiva was incredibly moving.
The festival’s arrangements showed how committed the Gavkari Mandali Yervada, a
religious organisation, is to the management and spiritual aspects of the temple. They have
been working on its behalf for many years.
Around midnight, Shriguru Majid Paithankar led the Maha Aarti with his blessed hands,
and then there was intense yoga meditation and mantra chanting. Everyone in
attendance was in awe of the encounter, and they could all sense Lord Shiva’s
powerful energies. During the Maha Aarti, Shri Guru prayed to Lord Shiva to bless all
of the devotees there and thanked Gavkari Mandali Yervada and all of the volunteers
present for their service.
The excellent administration and execution of the Mahashivratri festival at the
Tarkeshwar Mahamandir was made possible by the efforts of Shri Shailesh Rajguru Ji
and Shri Subhash Rajguru Ji, the Honourable President of Gavkari Mandali, Shri
Rupesh Gholap, Shri Sachin Rajguru, and Shri Mayur Rajguru. The maintenance of
the temple and the planning of the festival resulted from their dedication and efforts.
A highlight of the programme was also the spectacular welcome and felicitation of Shriguru
Majid Paithankar at the Tarkeshwar Mahamandir. The effort and commitment of the whole
management team and volunteer corps to the festival’s success were absolutely
commendable. Everybody who came had a genuinely unforgettable and divine experience
thanks to their dedication, care for the little things, and excitement for the event.
In conclusion, the Tarkeshwar Mahamandir’s Mahashivratri celebrations were evidence of
the community’s commitment to and devotion to Lord Shiva. With the presence of His
Holiness Shriguru Majid Paithankar and the blessings of Shriguru, this unique night
of the universe was unquestionably a wonderful memorable event for all privileged
Devotees of Lord Shankar.

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