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The Real Hustle Story of an Influencer – Darshna Bulchandani Awasthi.

Darshna Bulchandani Awasthi is a very renowned influencer. She has been leading an inspirational life. She has founded and co-founded multiple tech companies. She is a model. She is a blogger and vlogger, and there is so much to talk about her, which makes her one of the ideal role models for many aspiring girls and women out there. But, behind this successful and smiling influencer, there is a really moving hustle story.

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JES Mother Teresa Nursing Institution (JES MTNI)

With a presence of more than 2 decades in the field of nursing education, the institution boasts of contribution of more than 3000 + nursing officers to the medical welfare industry. The variety of courses offered to students along with a 100% placement opportunity, makes JES Mother Teresa Nursing Institution is among the most preferred nursing institutions in Bangalore.

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