CoWIN Data Leak: Personal Information of Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients Allegedly Exposed Online, Claims Trinamool Leader

CoWIN data leak! Aadhaar, Voter ID, PAN details of individuals who received  Covid-19 vaccine leaked online, claims Trinamool leader | Zee Business

In a concerning development, personal details of individuals who received the Covid-19 vaccine in India have allegedly been leaked online, according to Trinamool Congress leader Saket Gokhale. Gokhale claims that the leaked information includes sensitive data such as mobile numbers, Aadhaar numbers, passport details, voter IDs, and even information about family members. This revelation has sparked serious national concern and raised questions about data security in the CoWIN system.

Highlighting the magnitude of the issue, Gokhale took to Twitter to assert that there has been a major data breach within the Modi Government. He stated, “There has been a MAJOR data breach of Modi Govt where personal details of ALL vaccinated Indians including their mobile nos., Aadhaar numbers, Passport numbers, Voter ID, Details of family members etc. have been leaked & are freely available.” To substantiate his claims, Gokhale shared screenshots showcasing the allegedly leaked information.

The leak of such sensitive personal information is a matter of grave concern, as it could potentially lead to misuse, identity theft, or fraudulent activities. The availability of Aadhaar numbers, which are linked to various essential services, poses an even greater risk to individuals whose data has been compromised. The leakage of passport details and voter IDs also raises questions about the privacy and security measures employed by the CoWIN system.

The CoWIN platform, developed by the Indian government to facilitate the vaccination drive, has played a crucial role in managing the immunization process across the country. However, this alleged data breach has exposed a significant vulnerability that needs urgent attention and action to safeguard the personal information of citizens.

Authorities and cybersecurity experts are expected to investigate the claims made by Saket Gokhale and assess the extent of the alleged data leak. If the breach is confirmed, it will require immediate steps to mitigate the damage and strengthen the security protocols of the CoWIN system to prevent further breaches.

Data protection and privacy have become crucial aspects of our digital age, particularly when handling sensitive health information during a pandemic. The security of individuals’ personal data is paramount and should be treated with the utmost priority by all stakeholders involved in managing public health initiatives.

As the news of this alleged CoWIN data leak spreads, concerns regarding the safety of personal information and data privacy will undoubtedly intensify. It remains to be seen how authorities respond to these claims and what measures will be implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future.

In the meantime, it is crucial for individuals who have received the Covid-19 vaccine in India to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect their personal information, such as monitoring their financial accounts and reporting any suspicious activity.

The alleged CoWIN data leak serves as a stark reminder that robust security measures must be in place to safeguard the sensitive personal information of individuals, particularly when it comes to managing crucial public health programs.

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