China and US Reach Agreement on “Some Specific Issues” during Blinken’s Meeting with President Xi

In a significant development for China-US relations, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who announced that an agreement on “some specific issues” had been reached during their extensive talks. The meeting took place on the final day of Blinken’s two-day high-stakes visit to Beijing, as tensions between the two countries remain high.

President Xi expressed his appreciation for the candid and in-depth discussions held between Blinken and China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, and Foreign Minister Qin Gang. While President Xi did not provide specific details about the agreement, he stated that both sides would “follow through with the common understanding US President Joe Biden and I had reached in Bali,” emphasizing the importance of mutual understanding.

President Xi emphasized the necessity for state-to-state interactions to be based on mutual respect and sincerity. He expressed hope that Blinken’s visit would make a positive contribution to stabilizing China-US relations, echoing the sentiment shared by both countries’ leaders during the Xi-Biden meeting, where they expressed a commitment to improving ties.

During his visit, Blinken also met with top Chinese diplomat Wang, who urged the US to reflect deeply and manage differences with China, attributing the deteriorating ties to Washington’s “erroneous perception” of Beijing. Wang stated that the visit came at a critical juncture in US-China relations and called for a choice between dialogue and confrontation, cooperation and conflict.

Wang highlighted the importance of reversing the downward spiral of relations, promoting objectivity and rationality in US policy towards China. He urged the US to lift unilateral sanctions, stop suppressing China’s technological development, and avoid interfering in China’s internal affairs.

Regarding Taiwan, Wang emphasized that safeguarding its national unity would always be at the core of China’s interests, asserting that there was no room for compromise. China views Taiwan as a breakaway province and has not ruled out the possible use of force to reunify with the mainland.

According to a Chinese statement, Blinken shared Washington’s views with Wang, expressing the US’s desire to strengthen communication with China and responsibly manage differences. Blinken’s visit is seen as an effort to maintain open communication channels between the two nations.

Although the meeting signals a desire to restore engagement, analysts remain cautious about the prospects of a breakthrough. The visit is viewed as an important step in the preparations for President Xi’s anticipated trip to the United States in November, where he is expected to meet President Biden on the sidelines of the APEC summit.

Blinken’s visit to China comes ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit to Washington, where deepening defense cooperation and firming up the Quad alliance with the US, India, Australia, and Japan are on the agenda. China has alleged that the Quad is aimed at containing its influence.

As both sides refrain from providing specific details about the agreement reached, stakeholders eagerly await further developments in China-US relations. The evolving dynamics between the two nations will continue to shape global geopolitics, with the hope that dialogue and cooperation will prevail over confrontation and conflict.

Overall, the meeting between President Xi and Secretary Blinken represents an opportunity for both countries to address their differences and find a way forward in an increasingly interconnected world. The international community will closely monitor the outcomes of these discussions as they hold implications for global stability and cooperation.

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