ChatGPT can easily be hired for an entry-level coding job at Google, report reveal

ChatGPT has hypothetically bagged an L3 role at Google, which is the grading for an entry level software engineer at Google. 

In Short

  • Google is losing its sleep over OpenAI’s new ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT bagged an L3 role at Google while it was being compared with Google’s chatbot.
  • ChatGPT’s intelligence cannot be questioned as the chatbot has also passed Wharton Schools’s MBA exam and also an US law school exam.

Google is losing its sleep over OpenAI’s new ChatGPT. The AI tool has amassed millions of followers within just a month of its launch in November. Now a new report has stated that ChatGPT is so efficient and on point with its skills that it can easily bag an entry-level coding job at Google. We are not saying it but Google found this while comparing its ChatGPT while comparing it with its own AI chatbot tool, which has been tentatively named “Apprentice bard”.

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