CBI Arrests 5 CGST Officers in Jabalpur after Raids Unearth Rs 82 Lakh Hidden in Cabins and Residences

MP के Jabalpur में घूस लेते पकड़े गए Railway अधिकारी CBI रिमांड पर, चल-अचल  संपत्ति की हो रही जांच, MP news

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh: In a major development, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) conducted raids on the offices and residences of CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax) officials in Jabalpur, leading to the arrest of three officers, including a GST Superintendent, on Wednesday. Later in the evening, two additional CGST officers, who were attempting to evade arrest, were apprehended.

The arrested individuals have been identified as GST Superintendent Kapil Kamble, Inspector Vikas Gupta, Inspector Pradeep Hazari, and Inspector Virendra Jain. The raids resulted in the discovery of a substantial amount of money hidden within the officers’ cabins and residences, prompting their arrest.

A total sum of Rs 83.26 lakh was seized by the CBI during the operation. Of this amount, Rs 62.29 lakh was recovered from their residential premises, while Rs 20.97 lakh was found concealed within their office cabins.

The highest amount, totaling over Rs 56 lakh, was discovered in the possession of GST inspector Pradeep Hazari. Out of this, Rs 41 lakh was seized from his residence, while Rs 16.88 lakh was recovered from his office cabin.

GST inspector Vikas Gupta’s house yielded Rs 18.29 lakh in cash, while Rs 1.50 lakh was seized from his office cabin.

Meanwhile, Rs 3 lakh was found in the residence of GST Superintendent Pradeep Kamble.

In a separate development, Rs 2.60 lakh was recovered from the office cabin of GST inspector Virendra Jain.

The CBI’s swift action resulted in the arrests and the confiscation of the hidden cash, which amounts to a significant sum. The investigation is expected to delve deeper into the matter to ascertain the source and purpose of the undeclared funds.

The arrested officers are likely to face charges related to corruption and misconduct in their official capacities. The CBI’s intervention underscores the commitment to root out corruption and maintain transparency within government departments.

The recovery of such a substantial amount raises concerns about the integrity of the officers involved and highlights the importance of rigorous checks and balances to prevent malpractices.

Further investigations will shed light on the full extent of the alleged misconduct and determine if there are additional individuals or networks involved in the illicit activities.

The CBI’s operation serves as a reminder that those entrusted with public duties must adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. It also sends a strong message that authorities are determined to uncover and prosecute any wrongdoing, ensuring accountability and maintaining public trust.

The accused officers will be subject to legal proceedings as the CBI continues its investigation into this case of alleged financial impropriety within the CGST department in Jabalpur.

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