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“Revolutionary UPI ATM Showcased, Allows Cardless Cash Withdrawals: A Game Changer in Digital Payments”

"Game Changer": Video Demonstrates Cardless Cash Withdrawal Using UPI ATM

In a remarkable display of technological innovation, a video has surfaced on social media showcasing a revolutionary UPI ATM (Unified Payments Interface) that enables cardless cash withdrawals. UPI has rapidly become the preferred method for instant money transfers via mobile devices in India, and this cutting-edge UPI ATM is poised to reshape the way people access their funds

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“Indian Rover Pragyan Safely Redirected After Encountering Moon Crater: Chandrayaan-3’s Triumph Continues”

Indian Rover Pragyan Safely Redirected After Encountering Moon Crater during Lunar Expedition

India's Pragyan rover, part of the Chandrayaan-3 mission, has been rerouted after encountering a sizable crater on the lunar surface. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) swiftly responded, ensuring the rover's safety and continued mission to explore the uncharted region near the Moon's South Pole. With its successful soft landing and ongoing scientific objectives, India reaffirms its space exploration capabilities on the global stage.

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